Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings KONTAKT DVDR

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商品名稱: Kirk Hunter Pop Rock Strings KONTAKT DVDR

商品分類: DVD9程式合輯.軟體合輯

語系版本: 英文正式版

運行平台: Windows XP/Vista/7

更新日期: 2011-08-15


Great sounding, ready-to-go, strings for your pop and rock product-

ions. Degree in Classical Arranging not required to create stunning,

ultra realistic string arrangements. Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings

was created specifically for today pop and rock productions. It

sounds great out of the box, eliminating the need for you to spend

hours tweaking samples for your style of music.

Based on the same core samples already used in numerous hit pop and

rock songs, movie and television soundtracks, including hit shows

such as American Idol, Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings features solo,

chamber, studio-sized and symphonic strings with extensive articula-

tions commonly used in pop, rock and other contemporary styles of

music. While a number of popular string sample libraries contain

samples with a good deal of ambience, leaving you nowhere to go

should you want a ryer?sound, Kirk Hunter Pop/Rock Strings was

recorded quite dry in Hollywood, California, enabling it to fit in a

wider variety of productions. From an n your face?dry feel right

out of the box to a more ambient vibe, youl be able to attain just

the right sound for your productions. Using the KONTAKT player, Kirk

Hunter Pop/Rock Strings comes with a selection of high quality

impulses taken from a well-known Hollywood scoring stage, providing

you with a wide range of options -- from early reflections to a full

hall, allowing you to quickly audition various settings without the

need for additional effect VSTs. Of course, if you prefer, you can

also choose to keep the strings dry and process them using your own





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